Yeelight YLFW01YL Smart Candela Light – at 36.99 [Coupon Inside]

Are you fond of creating perfect mood for both of you and make the special events unforgettable? The Yeelight Smart Candela Light is a perfect choice.

What is Candela? It’s one of the smartest candlelights using Bluetooth Mesh technology. The latest allows up to 30,000 units Candelas to work with each other, isn’t it great?

Candela light

Your Candela and the rest of the Yeelight smart lights can be easily controlled with iOS and Android apps, while in the near future they will be compatible with Candela Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.

Do not miss the chance to make your life more comfortable. The Yeelight Candela comes with a 2100mAh battery which allows up to 8 hours of continuous work. Who knows in what kind of situation one can appear, the Candela is perfect for any moment of your life.

Smart Candela light

A group of designer have been working to get the final result of the Candela Yeelight Light for about 4 months. They have been testing with thousands of sketches to have the perfect blend for delivering a high quality product. Thus, they succeeded to have a smart light with mechanic efficiency and sleek design.

Did you know the Candela project is the 9th successful addition in Yeelight production? It’s really eye-cathing and useful product.

The Candella light is a great choice for any situation. Do you want t create a romantic atmosphere for your beloved one? Or you want to have a small light in the room where you baby sleeps? Wait, you are going to have a trip with friends?
Then this amazing smart light is what you need. Grab one now and make your life easier.

It is very easy to charge, just tick the regular USB cable and charge it.