Xiaomi Oclean SE

Xiaomi Oclean SE Electric Toothbrush Unboxing

After the first electric toothbrush launched in June this year, Oclean, Xiaomi’s sub-brand launched the second model a few days back. The first model has been considered to be the fastest electric toothbrush around the globe. But it was priced at 399 yuan ($60), which seems a bit higher than other electric toothbrushes on the market. In this sense, the newly announced model, the Xiaomi Oclean SE electrical toothbrush doesn’t yield its predecessor in terms of appearance and performance but costs only 199 yuan ($30).

The Xiaomi Oclean SE use an elegant curved design for better grip. It’s lightweight. As it’s supposed you will keep it in the bathroom and wash after every brushing process, the company made it waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Plus, this product also uses a Japan Cashew coating + nano-coating with an excellent anti-corrosion sustainability.

There is a round-shaped single key to implement all operations. It also has a LED circle onto it (and a few LED dots below it) to show various states of the toothbrush. Say, when you charge the electric toothbrush it will light up in blue or when the battery power is below 5%, it will turn into red.

Xiaomi Oclean SE

The Xiaomi Oclean SE supports up to 276K vibrations per minute. But you can also adjust another speed down to 40K. The Xiaomi Oclean SE also supports 270gf.cm strong torque output as well as 5.5mm swing range.

This electric toothbrush comes with a standard brush head that should be replaced twice a year. The Xiaomi Oclean SE uses a US FDA certified medical grade POM material with a 0.4cm brush handle thickness. Another attractive feature of this head is the new Dupont Tynex 2017 wire brush designed for electric toothbrushes especially. Its round rate is 1.4 times higher than the standard.

There is a charger supporting using a non-slip design to prevent the toothbrush from moving during the charging process. The battery inside the Xiaomi Oclean SE provides life up to 60 days if using it 2 minutes per day.

At last, the Xiaomi Oclean SE can be controlled remotely. Download and install the APP to choose your teeth type, the behavioral preferences, whitening degree, and other information to better match the appropriate brushing program. Every time you brush your teeth, the corresponding data will be recorded in the APP. Later it will provide some reports and suggest programs for better brushing experience.

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