Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s Thermometer

Xiaomi has produced a new product special for women named Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s thermometer, isn’t it great girls? This is the second female thermometer which comes with the variety of useful features women can ever need. Now, you have the chance to control your menstruation period, the expected day of getting pregnant and other features which we’ll discuss below. In other words, we have a new girlfriend. We only need the product and downloading the app working with it.


The 147th new product called Miaomiao-Women’s thermometer will be the smartest and the most popular digital thermometer among the fair part of humanity. You will be notified at once when your body is ailments, thanks to the scheme included in the Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s thermometers. Thus, the little but fashionable device comes with Texas Instruments processing chip, high-precision analog-digital conversion module which is able to point even the change of 0.05 ℃.

Xiaomi thermometer construction and design

How should you measure the temperature? Just put the smart thermometer on your tongue and be careful to listen to the beep, thus the temperature will be displayed on the device and on the APP simultaneously.

But wait, this is not the end you know. You can also have a pregnancy APP, just fill in your personal data to the cloud and you will get all the detailed explanation on how to prepare for a better pregnancy time. You will not need to remember the details about the menstruation and count the days, the amazing APP will do it for you.

Xiaomi thermometer

Did you like the smart Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s thermometer? It will be available for 129 yuan ($19.78), quite affordable price when compared with such a product produced by Omron the cost of which is $46.

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