Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

[Flagship Deal] Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (256GB) at $609.99 [Coupon Inside]

The first Mi Mix was sensational. With its help, Xiaomi showed that they aren’t afraid of trying something new and risky. The second generation of Mi Mix slightly differs from the previous model externally. The overall design remained the same, but this smartphone got a 5.9-inch display instead of 6.4-inch. And the case itself also became a bit smaller. However, before you start getting acquainted with the key features of this amazing device, you should know it has got a price cut and you can get your hands on its 256GB variant for only $609.99 if using the coupon (code: xiaomimimix2).

The selling point of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is the display. Xiaomi didn’t go further with great resolutions, because of which it is just a bit higher than standard Full HD and with 2160×1080 resolution, which still gives an appropriate pixel density of 402ppi. As for the matrix, it’s an ordinary IPS display. The contrast and the brightness are high, as well. The gamma and the color temperature are close to ideal. So, there is nothing to complain about. However, the camera is not good enough. To be honest, the camera is one of the weakest parts of the Mi Mix 2. It can’t be called bad, but on the background of overwhelming manufacturer platform and a huge storage of RAM, its capabilities look a little poorly. Although, the camera has a 4-axis optical image stabilization. Mi Mix 2 runs on Android 7.1.1 with MIUI 9. The latter is one of the best user interfaces for Android.

If the first Mi Mix sported a 4400mAh battery, this feature has been decreased to 3400mAh at the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. It can last until the evening, but not more. However, reasons for choosing exactly Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 are quite enough. First of all, it is very beautiful, very solid and is being held on hand perfectly. If you like Instagram Stories, then the big screen with rich colors and the size of almost the entire front panel show yourself at your best. The full-length pictures look in it really impressively. Also, taking pictures is very easy and simple due to the 4-axis optical image stabilization, which helps taking pictures in difficult conditions.