Beyond The HelloEar Arc Story: The World’s Most Comfortable Custom Earphones

Back in July, Xiaomi began a crowdfunding campaign of its new earphones. As it is being promoted now, the HelloEar Arc is considered to be the world’s most comfortable custom earphones. It was initially priced at 299 yuan ($45), but a few days back when it was officially announced the price tag was set at 399 yuan ($60).

The selling point of the HelloEar Arc is the ability of customization. According to the manufacturer, this company has spent 3 years to collect up to 4 million human ear shape samples, 5000+ human ear 3D scans, and to hold 10000+ earphones wear test. As a result, they established the industry’s only ear database. As our ears stop changing after the age of 10, we can have a pair of earphones for a whole life. Customers are offered to take photos of their ears with a coin and send it to the manufacturer. A specially developed algorithm customizes an Arc earphone just for you.

Helloear ARC

Actually, molding is one of the most essential processes in earphone customization. There are billions of people with billions of ear types. But there are similarities between ears. HelloEar has partnered with Tsinghua University to establish the world’s first human ear database. According to years of research, the manufacturer has found out there are about 36 kinds of ears that cater to over 99% of the ear shapes.

The Xiaomi HelloEar Arc custom earphone uses a 3.5mm audio interface. It also has a very long cable wire of 1.2 meters in length. These earphones feature a Kevlar fiber core, while the body is manufactured from a sandblasted aviation-grade aluminum. There is a high-definition silicon microphone with three buttons.

The HelloEar Arc comes with a half-size ‘Z’- shaped support that fits the outer ear like a puzzle and then fills the cavity. It is inspired by human ear’s S-type form. The earbud is made using a medical grade silicone material with a custom airbag structure. The latter disperses the ear pressure. So you can wear it for a long time.

The company has also partnered with Sonion, a global leader in miniature acoustics. This manufacturer is known for balanced armature drivers that offer rich, Hi-Fi sound quality of 25ohm impedance, 106.5dB sensitivity, 3mW maximum power, 20Hz-20KHz frequency range, and so on.