VIVO X20 Dream pink

VIVO X20 Dream Pink Unboxing: Not a Regular Sakura Pink

On September 30, 2017, one of the most popular smartphone makers of China launched its first full-screen smartphone in face of the VIVO X20. It came with many high-end features allowing the phone to compete with other BBK Electronics models such as the OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s. Besides the decent specs list, this phone came with various color options including the gold, rose gold, matte black, blue, and black gold. Later the company launched a few customized versions in face of the Honor of Kings and Christmas Edition. As for now, the manufacturer has launched another customized version, especially for females. Meet the VIVO X20 Dream Pink.

Though the phone comes with the same features found on the rest of color options, the overall appearance looks different due to the coloring. The phone doesn’t come with a regular pink color. The VIVO X20 Dream Pink’s body comes with a gradient coloring that changes the shade under various light angles. Say, when the light source is above, the upper side will look lighter, while the lower side will provide a darker pink coloring. As the manufacturer explains, the beauty of gradation exists in every corner of our lives. So they decided to give a new sense to one of the best models in its history. That’s why they didn’t come in with a common Sakura pink color found on various models.

It also sports a 6.01-inch full-screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9. There are ultra-narrow borders that merge into the bright blue shell smoothly. As you know, the benefit coming our way from an 18:9 screen, is the grip. I mean it is placed on the same size phone that carries a 5.5-inch traditional display. So those who have been looking for a large-screen handset but don’t buy anything larger 5.5 inches, now can afford themselves to own such a handset. Vivo X20 and other 6-inch full-screen phones are ideal for single-hand operations. It still uses a 2x12MP dual-camera design with an opportunity to take great photos even in low-light conditions. The same can be said about the soft light placed on the front for better selfies.

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