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OPPO Customized Phones Parade

Last year we saw many new features becoming trendy in the smartphone market. Initially, the trendiest features were the dual-curved screens found on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and dual-camera modules. But it turned out customers want something else. Xiaomi guessed what they need and launched the Mi MIX and its successor leading to a new trend named a full-screen. Almost all smartphone makers began designing phones using full-screen technology. But some of those manufacturers went further and came in with customized models. OPPO was the most active among all manufacturers. So we decided to recall all those customized OPPO phones launched in 2017.

OPPO R11 Barcelona Edition

On August 8, 2017, was launched jointly by OPPO and Barcelona FC. But this is not the first phone made by them. Back in 2015, OPPO introduced the R7 Plus Barcelona Customized Version. After a year they launched the OPPO R9 Barcelona Edition. And to continue this tradition they came in with the third model in summer last year.

As you can guess, the OPPO R11 Barcelona Edition sports the same hardware as the original model. So it’s useless to talk about them. But what we are more interested in is the design. Unlike the regular version it comes with a two-color body. This means it should pass through various processes to provide the same solidness. Actually, it does. The phone passes through three anodic oxidation processes. So the manufacturing cost is higher. Plus, there is an 18K gold Barcelona team emblem on the back.

OPPO R11 TFBOYS Limited Edition

Last September, the company introduced the customized version of its flagship named the OPPO R11 TFBOYS Limited Edition. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to its spokesperson, TFBOYS. The phone is based on the black version of the original model. But the logo on the back as we as the TFBOYS nameplate are made of gold. Plus, the rear panel also carries a laser signature.

OPPO R11 Honor of Kings Edition

Currently Honor of Kings is one of the most popular mobile games. To pay tribute to it the company decided to launch a customized version of its most popular smartphone. As a result, the OPPO R11 Honor of Kings Edition was launched attracting too many game fans. The phone comes with a customized back panel using three colors of black, red, and gold. However, the phone is based on the red version. As usual, there is a gold logo on the back emphasizing HOK design. Besides many wallpapers and customized icons, this phone has been optimized for the Honor of Kings especially. So most likely you won’t find anything better to play this game.

OPPO R11s Star Screen New Year Edition

To finish 2017 as it befits, the company launched the OPPO R11s Star Screen New Year Edition. It’s the red variant of its full-screen flagship using a small 18K gold-plated Lucky Dog Zodiac symbol made of new materials and processes. Its selling point is the Star Screen. The phone sports a 6.01-inch display using an innovative technology. Thanks to it, the edge of the transition from the display to the body is smooth and inconspicuous. This makes the screen boundary invisible at first glance. This gradient from the red metal body of the R11s and blend into the display of the phone gives an organic look to the phone. When looking at the Oppo R11s we have a feeling the full-screen blends into the phone rather than is a component piece of the design.

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