[Mini PC Deal] VORKE V5 at $169.99 [35% OFF!]

Actually, there are two kinds of products many customers confuse. We are talking about the TV boxes and mini PCs. The difference between these devices is the purpose they have been made with keeping in mind. So if the TV boxes are made to turn your TV set into a smart TV, the mini PCs are used to make your display a full-featured computer. That’s why the TV boxes usually run on an Android operating system and cost conditionally less. As for the mini PCs, they mainly run on Windows OS and cost above $150. Today we are going to talk about a newly launched mini PC priced at $169.99, which means the VORKE V5 can be yours for a 35% discounted price tag. But we have to take a glance at its key features to understand whether the V5 deserves the money required for it.

First, the VORKE V5 is equipped with an Intel chip. It sports a Kabylake 3865U SoC. This chip has been out in the Q1, 2017. Thus we are dealing with a quite fresh processor running on a 14nm process node. Actually, more than two-thirds of the V5’s price goes to the chip. This means it is capable of implementing many operations simultaneously and provide a smooth and stable performance. There are two cores clocked at a 1.8GHz frequency, which is a quite good score for a mini PC. It is also paired with a DDR4 dual-channel RAM and a 32GB of internal storage. Besides Windows 10 OS, the VORKE V5 also supports Linux. Of course, this mini PC is capable of providing 4K video and great sound performance due to the Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU and built-in 2W speaker, respectively.

As for connectivity, the VORKE V5 comes with myriads of interfaces as well as WiFi and Bluetooth support. Among the ports, we can find 3 x USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0, HDMI, DP, SSD, and RJ45 ports, 3.5mm audio jack, and SD/MMC card reader. Plus, there is a Kensington lock button.