Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review – incredible series

Until recently bezel-less smartphones had an elite status. But now many things have been changed. Say, one of the most popular Chinese smartphone makers has presented its LEAGOO KIICAA Mix, a bezel-less smartphone, the price of which fluctuates around the $100 mark. In this sense, the most fashionable mobile trend of this year has become available literally for everyone. The Chinese Leagoo is becoming more and more aggressive in terms of struggling with competitors. By realizing the popularity of bezel-less smartphones, the developers decided to not only release their own variants to numerous opponents, but also create a small revolution in the segment. What factors will let this company be called innovative? At least, it can be called for the price factor. It is quite possible to put the last model in the budget category. Wherein, it has a beautiful 5.5-inch display, fingerprint sensor. OGS screen resolution varies from 1280×720 to 1920×1080 pixels, while the brightness, contrast, and image saturation will not make censures in any case. The smartphone works on the MediaTek MT6737T/MT6750T processor, 2/3GB of RAM, and Mali T720MP2/T860MP2 GPU. All the tree kinds are considered to be acceptable from the point of view of the smartphone price, energy efficiency and productivity. The Rom capacity is 16/32GB, but there is also a slot for MicroSD card. The dual rear cameras that were mentioned above are working quite well as with dynamic objects’ shots, and with static objects even with low lighting. However, pictures are noisy, and the picture details are not satisfactory. The battery capacity is 3000mAh that lasts about 6-7 hour on a single charge. 4G, OTG and Android 7.0 are additionally increasing the attractiveness of the gadget. As for now, let’s speak about this interesting model in details…

Assembly and appearance

Leagoo designers worked quite well when designing the packaging. The cardboard box with drawn smartphone on the lid looks very stylish. The manufacturer put all the necessary accessories into the box: silicone protective cover, headphones with USB Type-C output, a connecting cable and, of course, a charging block.

The Leagoo KIICAA Mix case is made of plastic. Device screen occupies almost the whole front surface, with the exception of a centimeter indentation on the bottom, on which the fingerprint sensor was located (which at the same time takes the main role of function key).

Display and sound

The screen of Leagoo KIICAA Mix made us happy. The device uses a high-quality matrix, which is able to display a bright contrasting image both on a bright sunny day, and in the poor lighting conditions. The image is juicy, color-rendering is correct and the viewing angles are wide. It is even surprising to see such a good screen in an inexpensive device.

The sound system of the smartphone is also with a twist. As you already know, phone speakers are located on the top. The smart Chinese inventors decided to use this circumstance for playing the sound. Thus, when watching a video or playing music, the two speakers work together, and it sounds like stereo (without any high or low frequencies, but loudly enough). In the Leagoo KIICAA Mix USB Type-C port is used for connecting headphones and charging as well. The manufacturer included appropriate headphones, but they turned out to sound so horrible that we do not recommend using them. Consequently, all the users of this smartphone will have to search another high-quality headset or buy an adapter for connecting their regular headphones.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Performance

The Leagoo KIICAA Mix performance is typical for medium-budget Chinese smartphones of this year. However, we shouldn’t forget about the price of the device, which is lower than other competitors’ with similar hardware. So we can say that the current smartphone fulfills each invested dollar at full power. Smartphone is handling all the simple tasks without any problems. Surfing in the web, music and video playback, displaying photos, simple games don’t make any problem in the KIICAA Mix. Also, it is possible to play resource-intensive 3D games but only in low graphic settings. 3GB of RAM is quite enough for multitasking and fast switching between them.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Camera

Though the Leagoo website mentions that rear and front cameras have a resolution of 13MP, the real value of this specification is only 8MP. Yet, KIICAA Mix produces quite acceptable quality pictures in good lighting. The additional camera exists only because of fashion concerns as it is in the most Chinese smartphones. It doesn’t take part in capturing an image at all. So it can be bravely forgotten. Anyway, the beautiful round blurring of the photo is achieved exclusively with the help of programmed methods.

Conclusion On the one hand, the model has several disadvantages. The absence of light and proximity sensors and bad location of the phone speakers are some of them. On the other hand, the smartphone wins with its appearance, excellent display and good assembly. The performance of KIICAA Mix lets users cope with any kind of tasks. The smartphone is light, has a good in-hand grip and feel. It’s very comfortable and pleasing to use it. Also the main part of the smartphone is the price. So, it’s hard to imagine something better for this price.