[Hot Deal] Xiaomi DOCTOR.B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

Let’s make our mornings as smart as possible. Xiaomi introducing a new smart Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush. Coming with high-density bristles and very soft material, it will make the process of teeth-brushing easier and more comfortable.
Forget about the shedding bristles and just enjoy the teeth-cleaning process.

The new Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush comes with the most comfortable features a teethbrush needs. They are as follows.

Smooth toothbrush head – it’s mini size make the process of cleaning easier and you can clean without any difficulty even the hard-to-reach dental areas.

Premium high-density bristles – gives the possibility of quick cleaning the dental plaques. They are antibacterial and durable, each of us know how important is to have a high quality teeth brush.

Nickel-silver slice fix the bristle – the nickel-silver slice of the Xiaomi DOCTOR.B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush 1pc protects it from bacterial grows. It is corrosion-resistant, by the way, which is not less important.

Beautiful and portable design – the teethbrush from Xiaomi is compact and lightweight. It’s very practical for everyday use and can be easily hold in your bag even during travelling.

All of the features of the Xiaomi DOCTOR·B Deep Cleaning Toothbrush are promising. The instrument for cleaning teeth, gums and tongue should consist of tighly clustered bristles and should be able to clean even the hard to reach areas, thus, you have found your best choice.

Just remember, that most dentists advise using soft and high quality toothbrushes not to damage the tooth enames and irritate the gums.

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