Chuwi SurBook mini

Chuwi SurBook mini Announced: Get Yours at $279.99

There are two big brands in the Chinese tablet PC market, Chuwi and Jumper. Actually, there are too many manufacturers, but these two are known for the best offer in terms of price-over-hardware. As for Chuwi, its LapBook and SurBook family models have already managed to win the world. 4-5 months ago the manufacturer launched a 2-in-1 tablet PC on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Though the company didn’t need money for that product, it was a great marketing move to attract more customers. The Chuwi SurBook had a goal of $30.000. But Within 24 hours, the campaign hit 440% of its target. It was launched and succeeded a lot. As for now, the company announces another model from this line, dubbed the Chuwi SurBook mini. As the name suggests, it’s the lighter version of the original SurBook. This also means it should cost less. At this moment, the only retailer offering the Chuwi SurBook mini is GearBest. The product is priced at $279.99 and it will ship on November 30. Not that much time has been left, so let’s get acquainted with its key features.

Chuwi SurBook mini

Chuwi SurBook mini Specs

The original model came with a 12.3-inch screen with a superb 2K resolution. The mini version sports a 10.8-inch screen with a more regular resolution of WUXGA (1920×1280 pixels). Thus it’s the same Full HD, but due to the 3:2 aspect ratio the screen has more pixels vertically. Many don’t appreciate it, but this screen is very comfortable for web browsing, editing word/excel documents, and so on. Moreover, the display uses a very popular OGS IPS technology. Thanks to this technology the thickness of a display has been reduced a lot by removing one of the layers of glass from the traditional capacitive touchscreen stack. The 10.8-inch display of the Chuwi SurBook mini has 450 nits of brightness. So, the image is more transparent and life-like. It is also fully laminated. Therefore, it’s much more visible in sunlight or a bright room. At last, when looking at the SurBook mini when the display is turned off, it looks like a black plate.

Chuwi SurBook mini

Fortunately (or the opposite), the chip remains the same. It still runs on the Intel Celeron N3450 SoC from the Apollo Lake family. However, the memory has been reduced from 6GB to 4GB. As you remember, the original Chuwi SurBook was offered in two variants sporting 64GB and 128GB storage options. The mini version is available with a 64GB internal storage only. The chip is also paired with a new 9th-gen Intel Graphics 500 with a turbo frequency of 700MHz. it is capable of 3D rendering as well as 4K video decoding.

The Chuwi SurBook mini comes with a lot of modern and fast connectivity options including two USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C. Thus it charges via the latter port. By the way, the tablet PC features an 8000mAh battery unlike its predecessor sporting a 10.000mAh battery. This battery unit can be charged in 3 hours under 12V/2A. Of course, it supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

We are sure the housing of the Chuwi SurBook mini will be made of metal. But it still remains unknown whether the company will continue using the magnesium alloy found on the original model or it will turn to aluminum alloy.

At the end, the Chuwi SurBook mini comes with the same multi-position kickstand adjustable up to 125-degree-angle. The company claims the stand has a life of over 20,000 flips. Plus, it is compatible with a stylus called Hi Pen H2.