Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Review: A Top-Notch TV Box

The Beelink GT1 Ultimate TV box is the enhanced version of its predecessor, the GT1, which uses an Amlogic S912 processor. The latest model of Beelink has an increased RAM and internal storage with a new convenient remote control and stylish design. The Вееlіnk GТ1 Ultimate is powered by an Amlogic S912 Cortex A53 octa-core CPU at a speed of 2.0GHz and Mali-T820MP3 GPU at up to 750 MHz, which makes the gadget be a quite productive device. Also, you will find a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage under the hood. The storage capacity can be extended via a Micro SD card slot. There are various network connectivity options such as a dual-band Wi-Fi and a gigabit LAN port. Now let’s look at this model in more details…

Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Features

As there is no power button, the console turns on immediately after connected via the power supply unit. However, you can turn it off with the remote control. By pressing the off button, you get various choices of operations: shut down, sleep, and reboot. When you turn it on for the first time, it takes a little longer to boot than usual. Probably it’s conditioned by the settings reset by the manufacturer. In subsequent times it boots faster. After playing the starting Bootlogo we get to the already known tiled interface, which was on the previous model of the GT1 – Clock labels (without the possibility to change, task-killers, Kodi, browsers, play-markets, app menu, and settings. Also, there is a field allowing you to your own favorite applications.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate

There are a standard interface and a convenient retractable bottom navigation panel. The top panel refers to the notifications, and the bottom one has the OFF, Home, and Back keys, volume control, and screenshot keys. The navigation panel appears by swiping up. The list of pre-installed applications is minimal: Gallery, Music, AppInstaller, browser, file manager, Kodi, Media Center, Miracast, Play Market, YouTube, MoviePlayer, and others.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Connectivity: Dual-Band WiFi

One of the most important features of any TV box is the Wi-Fi module. As for the Beelink GT1 Ultimate, it works on two bands – 2.4G and 5G. The speed test was implemented in the 2.4G band on the server, the upload/download speeds of which are 50/50 Mb/s. The router was at a distance of about 6 meters from the TV box. Despite the weak speed of Wi-Fi, it is quite capable of watching online videos, if the router is located in the same room. Later, after certain manipulations with the router and the choice of the best channel, the connection speed increased up to 30Mb/s, which is already not so bad.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Beeling GT1 Ultimate Video Playback

Kodi and MoviePlayer are installed in the console. Kodi works very fast, and the most important thing is it launches and closes almost instantly. On other consoles, the closing of the media player often lasts tens of seconds. The MX Player was additionally installed with the turned on HW+ decoder. When playing a video, no problems have been noticed. Due to the modern processor, the TV box supports the newest modes and image profiles: Dоlbу Vіѕіоn, НЕVС Н.265, VР9-10 Рrоfіlе-2, НDR10. When testing the TV box on playing various specific test videos, everything was played without any problems, lags and hangs. The rewind worked quite well. 5.1 sound processing and reduction works without any problems as well.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate


Though there are no cooling holes in the case, the Beelink GT1 Ultimate perfectly keeps the normal temperature. In the rest mode, the temperature is about 500С and increases up to 710С during a long work of powerful applications (playing videos with the H.265 mode, Asphalt game etc.). You can observe the values of temperature in various modes via the screenshots above.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate


  • High productivity
  • Large capacity of RAM and internal storage (3GB/32GB)
  • Excellent build quality
  • Absence of overheating, stable work
  • ROOT – in the box
  • New excellent remote control
  • Small size, solid design


  • Weak Wi-Fi signal
  • Only 2 USB ports
  • Auto Frame Rate does not work (may be fixed in the following updates)