5 Reasons To Buy The Bezel-less Vernee MIX 2

The Vernee MIX 2 is one of the most attractive smartphones coming with a bezel-less design, glass body, and a screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio. We can also find a MediaTek Helio P25 chip and 4GB of RAM under the hood. So, all the aforementioned features make it one of the most desired handsets when it comes to the price-over-hardware ratio. Let’s get acquainted with 5 reasons why the Vernee MIX 2 is worth to be purchased.

1.Bezel-less screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9

The Vernee MIX 2 is equipped with a 6-inch FHD+ display, which provides the most dynamic image. It is also important, thanks to a very thin frames and the aspect ratio, the 6-inch screen phone comes with the same dimensions as a regular 5.5-inch smartphone. Compared with the 16:9 and 17:9 standards, the display area has increased significantly and placed in a smaller package.

2.Decent appearance and glass body

The Vernee MIX 2 looks just amazing- it adopts an ultra-thin metal frame, well-thought design, and glass housing. In fact, 80% of the smartphone is covered with a durable glass.


3.13MP Sony camera

The Vernee MIX 2 is also the company’s first model with a dual-camera using a 13MP Sony IMX258 wide-angle and dual telephoto lens with an aperture of F2.0. The camera allows us to make very clear pictures even in dark rooms or at a too bright light. As you guess, there is a background blur function aka bokeh effect.

4.Smooth performance

The octa-core mobile processor, the Helio P25 reduces the power consumption of the smartphone by 25% in comparison to the previous models. At the same time, the chip is capable of launching cumbersome applications and heavy games. Of course, the 4GB RAM has its own role in this operation.

5.4200mAh battery

The Vernee MIX 2 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 4200mAh supporting fast charging technology. The presence of Android 7.0 out of the box also helps the battery to consume less due to a number of power consumption optimizations.